Just be you.

Just be you, something both cliche and easy to say. But it is true, what is life if we aren’t being true to ourselves?

It’s such a hard thing to do, we’ve been doing it since the beginning of time in order for survival and then even when we entered a safer time those pathways and messengers are still well within us. Even when we know it’s best, being inauthentic is still something we can find ourselves doing as we make our way through life people pleasing, following trends, letting the ego control our spending and choices, the list goes on.

We have people in our life that may (or may not) have our best interests in mind and so we listen, we let them guide us, we may respect or admire some qualities in them and thus get wrapped up in the idea that their path should be ours or they know best across the board. But that’s not the reality of the situation.

The reality is we have all lived very different lives and have experienced very different things. That shifts our perspective and our life choices. That changes the way we interact with the world and what path we may choose to take. It changes our inner make up, it changes our life. It changes what may be best for us, it changes what we need.

And so in order to live our best most fulfilled lives in the most authentic way possible, we have to know ourselves, we have to lean in and listen to our feelings, our thoughts, our intuition. We have to ask big questions and sift through deep emotions. We have to sit in silence and feel, observe. We have to challenge our responses and reflect on our choices. We have to know ourselves and we have to be honest about who that is and what that person needs.

Yoga has helped me get to know that person. Slowing down, listening, feeling- I don’t think I would have known my real self otherwise. I’d only have known who I formed myself to be in society. Yoga is my biggest gift in life because of this.

It’s not easy to find yourself, no. But it’s everything. And when you find yourself slipping into that inauthentic mode as we all will, take a deep breath, forgive yourself for buying in to someone else’s ideas, and pick back up with the person that matters most- yourself.

I snapped this while exploring this past Monday. Isn’t proof of individuality everywhere in nature even when we come from a similar species? Pinecones are all pinecones but they are all shaped different and have different qualities. I can’t help but find the evidence that individuality is good, natural, and should be supported.

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