I think this is an important read. Which feels weird to say because I’ll be using it through the scope of my own experience but I think it applies across everyone’s lives as we end and begin a year (especially).  If someone were to ask me what was 2022 like, I would immediately say- rough, … More 2022.


What if we bought into the idea that we are enough? It doesn’t actually take money, no. It takes courage of the deepest kind. It takes belief. To know that when the make up and forced smiles are washed off, When the clothes we chose with ourselves and others in mind, That everything left underneath … More Enough

Rest Week 1

Welcome to my debut Yoga series here on my website, Rest. Rest is designed to help you relax and find calm after your day just before bed or when you need a break in the middle of the day. On day 1 we start with slow and mindful movement, tiptoeing into a journey over the … More Rest Week 1