Types of Classes

You can expect to see a little bit of everything here. I believe different types of people and different types of days call for different types of yoga. I will always offer modifications in my classes as I want them to be accessible for anyone. It is always important for you to listen to your body and meet your appropriate edge. My instructions are suggestions and a guide. Bring whatever props you may want or need to your mat- blocks, books, pillows, and blankets can support your yoga practice in many ways! Feel free to reach out if you have any class requests, suggestions, questions, or would be interested in working 1 on 1. Thank you so much for sharing your time with me!


Yoga for anyone and everyone. Your background, ability, body shape, skin color, does not matter. Every body is a yoga body. All you need is your breath.


All of my classes are trauma informed. This means I teach following a protocol that makes my classes safe for any students participating that may have been effected by trauma, either now or in the past.

Serving those who served

Currently I am working towards getting my certification with the Warriors at Ease Program. WAE aims to bring the power of yoga and meditation to veterans and military communities. The training is military specific, trauma informed, evidence based, and adaptive.

Every body is a yoga body.