What if we bought into the idea that we are enough?

It doesn’t actually take money, no.

It takes courage of the deepest kind.

It takes belief.

To know that when the make up and forced smiles are washed off,

When the clothes we chose with ourselves and others in mind,

That everything left underneath was enough.

Because it is. It is enough.

Your faults, your fears, your inner worries that you don’t bring into the light.

The things that cripple you publicly, all of the things you’ve exposed both intentional or not,

It’s enough.

What if we embraced who we are in the dark, when the eyes aren’t around us.

When the judgements and when the what ifs stop.

That you, is enough.

What you can handle and what you can’t.

It’s enough.

What you scream out loud and what you bite your tongue to,

It’s enough.

The fat, the bones, the scars,

You’re still enough.

Who are you doesn’t have to make sense.

It’s enough.

The things that make you struggle and the things that make you cringe, 

You’re still enough.

With both lack and giving, 

You’re enough.

You’re enough.
You’ll always be enough.

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