Dear you, you are more than your circumstances.

There is a tendency to build a narrative around the things we feel, the thing that happen/happened to us, and what others say and do. It’s easy to identify with those things, it’s easy to compare ourselves, it’s easy to overlook who we really are.

So I come with this simple, friendly reminder- you are not what you feel, you are not a diagnosis, you are not your circumstances, you are not what others say you are, you are not your past, your are not any kind of anticipated future version of yourself.

You are a beautiful, living, breathing, divine being that experiences things just like the other beautiful souls around you.

So next time you catch yourself identifying with a circumstance or a feeling: I’m an angry person, I’m an anxious person, I am a depressed person, I am ugly, etc. Take a deep breath and remember who you are in your core.

And if you don’t know that person, I hope you find something that helps you see them more clearly and familiar. May I suggest meditating, yoga, quiet walks, getting out in nature, or imagine yourself looking at your brightest happy self in a reflection in a stream or pond.

You may feel anger, you may feel anxiety, you may feel depressed, you may experience hardships- but it’s not who you are my friend.

Namaste. It means, the light in me, the awesome in me- sees the awesome in you- even beyond the external things we experience in this human experience.

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